BioScience Trends. 2011;5(1):44-45. (DOI: 10.5582/bst.2011.v5.1.44)

Dengue causing fulminant hepatitis in a hepatitis B virus carrier.

Agarwal MP, Giri S, Sharma V, Roy U, Gharsangi K


Dengue is an acute febrile illness resulting from infection by a flavivirus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. It is characterized by bleeding manifestations and a plasma leak syndrome. Hepatic involvement in the form of elevation in transaminases is common. However, acute hepatic failure is uncommon. It is not known how the presence of an underlying chronic hepatitis or liver disease affects the likelihood of severity of hepatitis from dengue. The present report is of a 33-year-old man, a carrier of hepatitis B virus, who presented with fever, altered sensorium, thrombocytopenia, and coagulopathy. He was diagnosed to have developed acute hepatic failure due to dengue. The patient improved with supportive measures.

KEYWORDS: Dengue, acute liver failure

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