BioScience Trends. 2009;3(6):216-219.

Application of low-pressure cell seeding system in tissue engineering.

Dai WD, Dong J, Chen GP, Uemura T


Tissue engineering has been one of the most promising strategies for the regeneration of impaired tissue. Application of three-dimensional porous scaffolds has greatly improved the outcome of tissue engineering in many categories. Cell seeding is one of the key issues in tissue regeneration. It depends not only on the biocompatibility and affinity of the scaffold, but also on the seeding techniques. Current seeding techniques such as centrifugation and perfusion have enhanced better cell seeding, but still have their limitations. How to seed cells more efficiently and uniformly, especially in the inner parts of the scaffolds, and with no impairment to the cells, has been one of the major challenges in using porous scaffolds for tissue engineering. Low pressure seeding meets the above requirements and can easily be integrated into other seeding systems. Here we review, based on the literature, and discuss the feasibility and application of this low pressure system to promote tissue regeneration.

KEYWORDS: Cell seeding, low pressure system, porous scaffold, tissue engineering

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