BioScience Trends. 2009;3(3):105-109.

Increased protein expression of p16 and cyclin D1 in squamous cell carcinoma tissues.

Eshkoor SA, Ismail P, Rahman SA, Mirinargesi M, Oshkour SA


Abnormalities of Rb-pathway components are common in the formation of cancer. The immunostaining for cyclin D1 and p16 protein was applied on 1 mm serial tissue microarray (TMA) paraffin sections. Tissue microarray (TMAs) is potentially a good method to find the molecular features of the genes and expressions of them. The aim of this study was to evaluate the protein expressions of cyclin D1 and p16 genes in squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) of skin and compare with the normal skin tissue. Twenty-five cases of cutaneous SCCs expressed cyclin D1 and p16 proteins. All SCCs samples on the slides showed positive protein expressions of cyclin D1 and p16 genes. Our findings suggested that the increased protein expressions of cyclin D1 and p16 genes might lead to aberrant expressions of these proteins in the affected tumor cells. This study demonstrated that cell cycle controlled deregulation and uncontrolled cell cycle progression might result in the carcinogenesis.

KEYWORDS: p16, cyclin D1, retinoblastoma pathway, tissue microarray, squmous cell carcinoma

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