BioScience Trends. 2009;3(3):77-86.

Mothering and acculturation: Experiences during pregnancy and childrearing of Filipina mothers married to Japanese

Uayan MLT, Kobayashi S, Matsuzaki M, Ota E, Haruna M, Murashima S


This study aims to describe the lived experiences of Filipina mothers married to Japanese during pregnancy and childrearing. Eight focus group interviews (FGI) were conducted among 39 Filipino mothers who are currently residing in Japan to obtain significant information with regard to their pregnancy and childrearing experiences. Content analysis was used to extract relevant themes that will describe the experiences of this group of migrant mothers. The findings revealed three major themes: 1) cultural barriers during pregnancy and childrearing; 2) mothering at the different stages of childrearing; and 3) positive adjustments to a new role in a new environment. The establishment of means of communication with migrant mothers effectively enabling them to understand important information for promoting healthy pregnancy and childrearing is strongly recommended. Provision of school information in the English language and enhancing the resilient character of the Filipina are important strategies in promoting positive pregnancy and childrearing experiences among Filipina migrant mothers.

KEYWORDS: Childrearing, Filipina mothers, pregnancy, lived experiences, intercultural marriages

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