BioScience Trends. 2017;11(5):603-605. (DOI: 10.5582/bst.2017.01266)

Activity outside the home, environmental barriers, and healthy aging for community-dwelling elderly individuals in China.

Niu YH, Li N, Jin CL, Chen D, Yang YT, Ding HS


Elderly individuals benefit from frequently engaging in activities outside the home because such activities sustain the overall health and functioning of an aging body. However, environmental barriers can limit participation in activities outside the home by elderly individuals. The current study examined the factors that influence the frequency with which elderly individuals living in China engage in activity outside the home. Data were collected from 2,402 elderly individuals residing in the Jiangning district of Shanghai, China in 2015. Face-to-face interviews were conducted based on a questionnaire, and multiple regression analysis was used to measure influencing factors. Results revealed that elderly respondents with a better self-reported health status (p = 0.2499) engaged in activities outside the home more frequently. In addition, elderly respondents residing on higher floors of multi-floor residential buildings (p < 0.001) were less likely to participate in activities outside of the home. This effect was virtually eliminated, however, when the residence in question was equipped with an elevator (p < 0.001).

KEYWORDS: Floor of residence, multi-floor residential building, activities outside the home, elevator, elderly individuals

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