BioScience Trends. 2008;2(3):101-104.

Binding of pradimicin A derivative BMY-28864 to neoglycolipids bearing mannose residues at the non-reducing ends.

Xu HL, Wang FS, Mizuochi T, Nakata M


BMY-28864 is a derivative of carbohydrate-binding antibiotic pradimicin A. This study aimed to examine the carbohydrate-binding specificity of BMY-28864 by a direct binding assay using neoglycolipids synthesized by conjugation of various oligosaccharides with dipalmitoylphosphatidylethanolamine (DPPE). Neoglycolipids were chromatographed on a thin layer chromatography plate and then subjected to BMY-28864 binding analysis. Binding of BMY-28864 to neoglycolipids such as ManĪ±1-3Man-DPPE, ManĪ±1-6Man-DPPE, Man3-DPPE, and Man5-DPPE and those bearing oligosaccharides derived from ribonuclease B, all of which bear mannose residues at the non-reducing ends, was detected. This study showed that pradimicin A derivative BMY-28864 selectively bound to mannose residues at the non-reducing ends and that neoglycolipids bearing various carbohydrate structures will be helpful as carbohydrate probes to detect carbohydrate-binding low molecular weight compounds.

KEYWORDS: Carbohydrate, Neoglycolipid, Lectin, Antibiotic

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